September 1, 2015

We participated to Ludum Dare #33 which occurred in August 2015.
Basically, Ludum Dare is an international competition in which we have 48 hours to create a game based on a given theme.
This time, the theme was : “You are the monster”.

We decided to combine the fun with the useful.

  • Most of the background & level art which was created for this project will be reused for the Lava/Mine level of Kil10.
  • The light engine created for this project has been made to be easily reusable for another future project.

The game

You are a dragon named Pixi. You are in charge of killing all the monsters existing in your cave.
If you want to test our little game you can go ahead and download it.
It actually is more of a test platform than a game.





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