Multimedia Player

Multimedia is an audio player focused on the quality of the sound reproduction. It is almost as good as the well known “Winamp” player. However it runs faster because it takes less memory and CPU. The main goal when starting this project was to make this player very light with many features & good audio quality.



Version : 1.9
Size : 7.9Mo
Os : Windows

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Multimedia Player is now at 353 000 lines of code. O.o’



Multimedia is dedicated to all musicians and people with weak computers. It is our effort to express our passion for music. It is capable of playing various audio formats such as MP3, Modules, CDs and open-sourced encoders.

For now, Multimedia Player cannot read video files. The reason is that we want to focus our effort on making an application made scpecifically for music.

Its playback quality is excellent because it’s based on the famous BASS audio library. Of course, Multimedia is freeware. However, we accept donations. 🙂 Our ambition is to make Multimedia Player the best player around the world.


Its main features are:

  1. Skin support.
  2. Multilingual.
  3. Excellent recording & playback quality.
  4. Equalizer with visual effects.
  5. Playlist & medialibrary editor + search engine.
  6. Integrated file converter/ripper.
  7. Streaming of radio + freedb support.
  8. Sonique 1.x, Winamp, BassBox WMP visual plugins.
  9. Input and DSP plugins.
  10. ID3v1&2, OGG, WAV, WMA and Modules tags.
  11. Compatible with all Windows versions
  12. Fast, easy to use ‘n’ light.
  13. Freeware!

Multimedia Player supports the following formats:
.OGG, .MP1, .MP2, .MP3, .WMA, .WAV, .MAC, .APE, .AC3, .TTA, .FLAC, .OFR, .OFS, .WV, .MPC, .MP+, .MPP, .SPX, .MO3, .IT, .XM, .S3M, .MTM, .MOD, .UMX, .CDA, .MID, .MIDI, .RMI, .KAR, .AU, .SND, .AIF, .AIFF, .AAC, .M4A, .ZIP

Multimedia Player supports the following playlist formats: .MPL, .M3U, .PLS


Version 1.9

Changed the auto-update server for a more reliable one. (You will need to update manually to have this new version :/) Auto-update of version 1.8 is not working anymore.

  • (Added) Multilingual interface.
  • (Added) Mini-mode.
  • (Added) Sexy icon buttons. Removed ugly text buttons.
  • (Added) Browser to media library.
  • (Added) Burning CD.
  • (Added) Show/hide tempo section in player.
  • (Updated) Skin engine v.10.23 + skins
  • (Updated) Trackbars visual (show progress)
  • (Updated) Interfaces design and look
  • (Fixed) Song index remembered when shuffling.
  • (Fixed) Dropping a folder containing an extension (ex:.mp3) in its name caused nothing to be added in playlist.
  • (Fixed) Component in the media library causing slow loading of Multimedia.
  • (Fixed) Many minor bugs fixed.

Special thanks

Thank you for your help and support:

  • Ian @ Un4Seen author of Bass.dll, Un4Seen
  • George Boudouris author of Passion Audio Player, Passion Audio Player
  • Laurent Bourget for his testing time + RocketHub support.
  • Alexandre Côté for his RocketHub support.
  • Component Ace for their 50% discount on ZipForge. ComponentAce
  • The users for giving me their feedbacks and suggestions to improve Multimedia. Facebook