Multimedia Player 1.9 new version

January 19, 2016

A new version of our player Multimedia has been released today.
Here’s a quick overview of what is new/changed in version 1.9.

Version 1.9

  • (Added) Multilingual interface. Whole interface can be updated to a new language in real-time. For now, there’s french and english available. But you can easily create a new language by duplicating and editing the existing French.lng
  • (Added) Mini-mode.

Multimedia player mini mode

  • (Added) Sexy icon buttons. Removed ugly text buttons.

New Multimedia icons

  • (Added) Browser to media library.

Built-in browser

  • (Added) Burning CD.
  • (Added) Show/hide tempo section in player.
  • (Updated) Skin engine v.10.23 + skins
  • (Updated) Trackbars visual (show progress)


  • (Updated) Interfaces design and look
  • (Fixed) Song index remembered when shuffling.
  • (Fixed) Dropping a folder containing an extension (ex:.mp3) in its name caused nothing to be added in playlist.
  • (Fixed) Component in the media library causing slow loading of Multimedia.
  • (Fixed) Many minor bugs fixed.


Changed the auto-update server for a more reliable one. (You will need to update manually to have this new version :/)
Auto-update of version 1.8 is not working anymore.

You can go ahead and download it.

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