11 nov. 2017 – Kil10 development progress

November 11, 2017

Parallax backgrounds

Industrial level parallax background.

Industrial level bg


Jungle level parallax background

Jungle level bg



We finally fine-tuned to our liking and reworked the main menu shader. We also added a rgb channel shift happening randomly from time to time.

Main menu shader


Here’s a dither shader we’ve been working on for soooo long. Bayer’s ordered dither 8×8
Right now, it is used in Pixi but we also added it to Kil10.

Bayer 8x8 dither shader


We reworked the pause menu shader & added a fade to grey / fade back to color effect to it. (You can also see the previously mentionned dither shader in action). 🙂

Reworked pause menu shader


Minor dev

Added sky animal ai

Sky animal ai


Improved land animal ai

Land animal ai


Other side-projects

A few months ago, we were browsing an art gallery and saw an artist selling little drawings of rocks. We felt inspired when we saw them because they had this weird magic feel to them. Here they are digitalized and integrated in a demo project.

Magic rocks


In other notes, we participated in “GM48” #23 in July with the theme “Sacrifice”.
We created the little platformer game “The sacred door”. You can download the demo here.

The sacred door

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